Dana White Steps Up And Pledges $100k To The Barstool Fund

You need another reason to love Uncle Dana? Another reason why he's the #1 commissioner/president in all of sports?! Look no further.

It all started with a simple tweet....

...which led to a little intimidation from Davey Bust-Ya-Kneecaps-In....

…and it didn't take long for Dana White to take notice and respond!

Knowing Dana on the small level I do, I knew this fund would be something he'd be into (especially being its led by Dave, who I know he likes a lot). What I didn't realize until just now, though, was that he planned on unloadin the dumptruck full of cash on us! He's in for $100,000!

Dana's donation (like ALL donations) will help a fuck ton of small businesses in need right now and it's amazing that he stepped up the way he did. Dave said he was all about it on the phone, too - I really do think they're incredibly similar and I can see Dana having the same heart and passion for creating a business that Dave clearly does.

If you haven't made a donation yet, and you're lucky enough to have some extra money lying around this year, please consider contributing…..

Dana - I cannot say this enough: THANK YOU!!!