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Wake Up With Evan Longoria Chewing Out BJ Upton In The Dugout

I love a good teammate dustup in the dugout, I think Longoria was in the right here as well. Ball gets laced to left center, what does BJ Upton do? Takes his time and casually jogs to the ball, guy sprints into third with a triple. Would it have been a triple even if Upton was running full speed? Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, Longoria and I'm guessing the rest of the team did not like it. Longoria wasted no time and the second Upton got back in the dugout he let him have it. BJ didn't like it and started barking back at Longo, but Longo went nose to nose with him to let him know he messed up. The usual guys holding back started, but that was the end of that, nothing else came from it. Still overall a pretty shitty move by Upton to basically moonwalk to the ball while it's at the wall. This is one of the reasons that Longo is so loved as a teammate.