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Where Am I? Part 7 (10 Country Challenge)

Here’s the deal: I’m gonna keep attempting the 10 Country Challenge until I get 10 in a row. Simple as that. I know it seems like I’m beating a dead horse with this content, but the dead horse is beating me back. I’ve been trying to achieve the milestone for several months, to absolutely no avail, and it’s honestly becoming less and less of a hobby and more and more of a painstaking chore. I feel like Yo Yo Ma when he performed at the 2002 Winter Olympics. 

And for the people who’ve been accusing me of “cheating” or “staging” these GeoGuessr videos, I don’t know what to tell you. Seems like a violently weird move to tediously orchestrate an ongoing, elaborate bit where I pretend to be good at an obscure geography video game when I could just pretend to be good at betting on football and get 100x the page views and fanfare. But then again, I've pretended to be a regular patron at fictional under 18 dance clubs and get consensually molested by an adult tickle monsters, so I get it.

Anyway, here’s my last few attempts at the 10 Country Challenge on the Diverse World map. If you have any suggestions for different GeoGuessr challenges or endeavors I can take on, shoot me a DM.