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Is 'Get Him To The Greek' One Of The Most Underrated Comedies Of The Last 20 Years?!

'Get Him To The Greek' is one of my favorite comedies ever. I've seen it countless times, can quote all the scenes, the whole nine - and I'd put Diddy's performance up there with any comedic acting performance of the past 20 years....

Today in My Mom's Basement, I had Yungblud on to discuss his new album, 'weird!' (OUT NOW), and we got into Russell Brand's character from the movie a bit (being I've heard Yungblud say he takes inspiration from Aldous Snow in a British rock n' roll "don't give a fuck" type way).

It made me go back and watch the movie again this week with Trent, and shit - I don't think we talk NEARLY enough about what a funny fucking movie 'Get Him To The Greek' is. I'd put it over 'Knocked Up', 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', and a bunch of others from that era.

Maybe I'm biased because the whole British rock n' roll thing has always fascinated me, but I really think it's a near perfect movie.

Check out the pod now for Yungblud's thoughts on songwriting, the music industry, and more!!