Angry Bull With Flaming Horns Vs. Guy With A Death Wish



Any other outcome would’ve been a huge disappointment.  If you don’t root for the bull in this situation then you’re an asshole.  Plain and simple.  The bull is just hanging out.  He doesn’t want to be in arena where people are yelling at him and throwing red rags at his feet.  He’d rather be anywhere else. Probably getting balls deep in a lady bull.  Not to mention it’s always great to see a dude get flipped 400 feet in the air or gored in the ass.  That’s just good ol’ fashioned family fun.  I also like how they’ve started to up the danger factor during these competitions (?). Like they didn’t think just having an angry bull run full speed at people was dangerous enough.  Nope.  We gotta step it up.  I know.  Let’s light the bulls‘ horns on fire and randomly place a staircase in the middle of the ring.  That way if the bull launches a guy into the air he can also fall down a flight of stairs.  If this were the X Games that bull would get a perfect score.  Not only was the finish perfect but he used every part of the park.