The Internet: Where A Kid Can Drop A Shovel And Somebody Turns It Into A Nirvana Song


The internet is such a magical place.  I love it here.  Just when you think it can’t get any better it does.  I’ve long said that streaming porn is the greatest thing the internet has given us and it still is.  It’s not even really close.  Think back on the days when you’d start a porn download on Limewire or Napster before going to school, come home 8 hours later and see the download at only 24%. It would barely get past the foreplay.  That was real hardship.  Real tough times.  Now with streaming porn you can go from talking to your neighbor about the crazy weather we’ve been having and be jerking off into a dish rag 4 minutes later. It’s always there and ready. That is truly magic.  We’re living in a golden age.  Another great thing about the internet?  Kid’s dropping shovels and it going viral because it kinda sorta sounds like the beginning of a Nirvana song. Then someone mashing it up with the song and it actually sounding EXACTLY like it.  Some people say the internet is a waste of time and space and that it’s killing all of us. Blasphemy.  Those people can go fuck themselves.  A shovel falling onto the ground and sounding like the opening to Smells Like Teen Spirit is sure as shit better than what’s going on outside.  Enjoy it.