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White Sox Dave And Myself Need One, Just ONE Warzone Win Or We'll Be Streaming 24 Hours Straight...Chances It Happens?

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So it's come to this.  One Duos win (5 total throughout the day/night, but one must be a duos).  I've done this 24 hour dance to the death before.  How'd it work out last time?  

That's right.  Top 100%.  I think.  It took Major Balls and myself 19 straight hours to complete one duos victory:

Now, it's The Missing Link's turn to attempt glory.  Can ROTC Dave do it in less time?  

Of course not.  Something will happen every singe time that will cause thins shindig to last all 24 hours.  Will Dave somehow shoot everything other than an enemy resulting in 0 kills, 0 damage in every single drop?  Will we find a way to actually kill each other in real life (actually plausible)?  Will WSD's beard grow past his eyeballs and devour his entire face making him incapable of seeing?Yes to all of the above.  I mean, just look at this incompetence doing simple tasks in gameplay a 4-year-old would dominate: 

WSD is a loyal Mutt, for sure, but he still needs to be housebroken. And tonight we get him trained to the level of his dog, Ace, who has already ascedned higher than him in the hierarchy of humanity.  

Let's cook.