The All American Beer Fest Is This Saturday - Unlimited Drinking At The Fairgrounds in DC - Save 25% On Tickets With Code BARSTOOL

Saturday is looking like it’s going to be 86 degrees and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. So now is the time to buy your tickets for the All American Beer Fest. Buy your ticket, buy your girlfriend’s ticket, buy your buddies’ tickets, and save 25% on all tickets using code BARSTOOL. There is nothing better than paying 1 price for unlimited drinking. UNLIMITED. It’s not like you pay and get a few drink tickets. Nope. It’s all you can drink. There will be 40+ breweries, lots of food trucks, and lots of give aways. And there’s two different sessions. Start off the day with some day drinking in the sun, or use it as a pregame and drink as the sun goes down in the night session. Either way is a blast.

And as always, I HIGHLY recommend buying the VIP tickets. You only pay $10 more and get an extra hour of drinking. If someone offered you an open bar for $10 would you turn it down? Absolutely not. Plus, you get a special VIP area and VIP bathrooms. Well worth it.



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The Fairgrounds is located across from the Centerfield Gate at Nationals Stadium at
1299 Half Street SE, Washington, DC 20003.