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Therman Merman Fighting Marcus The Dwarf Was The Fight Of The Millennium

I wanted to pay quick homage to Bad Santa this morning, as it's not just the funniest Christmas movie of all time, but one of the funniest movies of all time. If I've said it once I've said it a million times, all three of the actors in the scene above should have won all sorts of Oscars for how they portrayed their characters. 

- Never has there been a better drunk than Billy Bob Thornton; he played Willy's role perfectly. All he gives a shit about are the 3 B's: booze, bullshit and butt fuckin'. Give that man a best actor.
- I want to get Therman Murman in a room with Wayne from Eastbound and Down together in a room. Just watch them, study them. They are kinda like Baluga whales and just are so gentle and docile you can't hate them, but they're also so dumb they just bounce into each other and into the walls and stuff. Brett Kelly should have won best supporting actor for how he portrayed Therman's role as well.
- and then we get to Tony Cox who plays Marcus, the smartest, most cunning man of the tripod of great characters in Bad Santa. What a perfect foil to that drunken asshole Willy. To use his "handicap" to his advantage like he does is a perfect incredible character development; talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

Some people shit on me for drafting Bad Santa second overall in the Christmas Movie snake draft last week. They screamed "Elf!" and "It's A Wonderful Life!!" and those people are lemmings, plain and simple. Bad Santa revolutionized the Christmas movie; it was raunchy, sexually charged, and deemed "not appropriate for children" by a bunch of parents, all of whom are total pussies. No shot this movie would fly in 2020; it would have probably been Old Yeller'd before it even hit the big screen. What a perfect comedy.

PS - here's the scene where Willy mistakes the Reindeer for the 7 Dwarves. Fucking hilarious