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I Should Probably Apologize To Billy Costa






Here’s one tip to staying employed for everybody: when your boss is on a month long vacation in Nantucket and someone threatens to sue the company over words you said, you apologize IMMEDIATELY. Fifty cents a week isn’t a lot to live off but it’s a whole lot better than zero cents a week, I assure you. So I apologize to Billy for getting him wrapped up in this appalling drug scandal. Even though I explained the joke in the blog, it was a bad headline. What do you want from me? I’m a fake writer (sidenote: that was actually a really nice thing to say about me. No one ever calls bloggers writers.) I thought he said cocaine for a second and thought it was funny. For the record, WEEI did too as they did a comparable segment about Billy and Mookie cooking crack together. But I still had a bad headline and that’s on me. If I didn’t think I did and had been a better fake writer then I wouldn’t apologize but looking back on it, it was no bueno. We don’t exactly put a lot of thought or reviewing into our blogs. It’s a shoot first ask questions later business and this morning the question was “Why did I phrase it like that and is Dave gonna fire me?”



PS – Two tips

1. If you’re gonna threaten bloggers, do it later than 7:30 AM. If I wanted to be up at 7:30 I would have gotten a real job.


2. You can’t get Barstool on the phone. We don’t have any. So people can’t call us and say they’re going to sue.




PPS – Thanks to Ross Boyle for the clips but get better at counting. Parts 1, 2 and 4? Really?