The Cowboys Playoff Scenario Is Stunningly Simple For A Five Win Team Entering Week 16

THIS IS NOT A TEST… THE COWBOYS CAN MAKE the playoffs. 7-9 is firmly in grasp and you know what? That might just get it done. 

Three weeks ago we were all dreaming of a three win season and the new Anthony Munoz anchoring a Cowboys offensive line for the next 12 to 15 years. Fast forward to a pair of victories over back up quarterbacks, and guess the fuck what???

The Cowboys are one game out of the playoffs with games against the Eagles and Giants on deck.

What. The. Fuck.

It’s a sign of how bad the NFC East has been this year that a team with five wins with two games left can reasonably and calmly be talking playoff scenarios, but this subject has been covered to death. Yes, the division sucks this year, maybe even at historically bad levels. But like many things, maybe upon closer inspection, the East isn’t as bad as you think. What do I mean?

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The Seahawks, Steelers, Vikings, and Saints ALL lost to NFC East teams in the past month.

How you like them apples?

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And for once, I agree with the coaching staff. This for those of us who are deathly tired of watching the Cowboys lose in pathetic fashion, we might for the first time all year agree with Mikey Mac: 

"We’ve all signed on for 16 regular-season games and we want to see this thing through and be the best we can be. We’ve all signed on for 16 regular-season games and we want to see this thing through and be the best we can be. … It’s important for us to finish these last two weeks strong.''

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And here’s the thing. If the Cowboys win out, which is not a stretch at this point. The scenario is pretty simple -- win twice and have Washington lose both its games (against Carolina and Philadelphia) and they are in. 

If the second coming of Jamarcus Russell continues to start for the WFB team and Colt McCoy for the Giants, then the Boys control their own fate. And given that the Cowboys have won their last two games in a row (and three of five), I’d say we’re peaking at just the right time. 

Sunday 4:25 EDT. Bring on the Dirty Birds. We got a playoff train to catch.

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