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Subway Stairs Skiing Is The Hottest Urban Winter Olympic Sport In New York City

HE STUCK THE LANDING!!! And by stuck I mean he needs to get tested for coronavirus, rabies, the black plague, and whatever other disease may be living on the floor of the subway ASAP.  What an absolutely stunning moment. No, not watching a cooped up New Yorker act like a lunatic at the first sight of snow. We've seen plenty of examples of that over the years, including last week's Weirdo Winter Olympics.

I was stunned simply because I had no idea saying Send It was still a thing. In full disclosure, I am a washed up dad that lives in the burbs now. But still, it's nice to know the vernacular of the hip people of Brooklyn for blogging purposes, even if the person talking is a maniac trying to be the Johnny Knoxville of New York.

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It's truly the most wonderful time of the year!