Of course. Did we all think we we gonna make it though this weekend without a Charlie Woods fist pump? On Sunday no less while rocking the red and black? Of course that happened. This whole tournament has honestly been the perfect father/son display from Tiger and Charlie Woods. From the matching outfits to the matching mannerisms to everything in between and it was all leading up to Charlie unleashing his father’s patented fist pump after draining a putt. I mean are you kidding me with that slow motion side shot of the fist pump? Incredible. Tiger and Charlie need to play in this tournament every single year until Charlie joins the Tour (ya know, if that’s what he decides he wants to do with his life). This has no doubt been one of the most fun sporting events all year.

PS- The coverage, once again, has been beyond awful. And by awful I mean mostly nonexistent. Golf Channel said they were gonna have a stream going around noon but all it had was a graphic that said Coverage Has Concluded. Infuriating. I can’t believe I’m still saying this in 2020 but golf has to figure out the TV stuff. Here’s what we want: show the golf. That’s it. Do that and we’ll be happy. When fucking Tiger Woods is playing in a tournament with his son for the first time, show us that. It really can’t be as complicated as they’re making it seem. Show us the golf.