The Packers Played A Spectacular First Half Of Football... And Then Completely Shit The Bed And Left A "Sour Taste" In Aaron Rodgers' Mouth

Dylan Buell. Getty Images.

This fucking team. There was a point in the game where I thought, "Hell maybe I should just write the blog now because this game is about to be a major ass-beating and Moma wants to be in the bed by 11!" Green Bay scored 3 touchdowns on their first 3 possessions. Aaron Jones put up 114 yard in only 12 carries in the first half. Aaron Rodgers ran it in for a touchdown; simply put: Carolina could not stop this offense. It almost wasn't fair. 

Well, it's a good thing I decided to not be an old lady on a raging Saturday night because lo and behold with less than 2 minutes left in the game the Packers were up by only 8. A single possession could take the entire first half away because… uhh… I don't know. What the fuck happened in the second half of this game?!!! How does an offense that looks disgustingly brilliant all of a sudden turn into an offense that could only be explained if Mike McCarthy was still calling dumbs, useless plays. I mean, they couldn't even get a first down with 2 minutes left just to end this miserable half because the Panthers knew exactly what was coming and had zero issue sacking Rodgers for minus what felt like a million yards.. How embarrassing. 

The only good news here is Mason Crosby is kicking perfect balls and now Rodgers is PISSED!

In his post game interview - over an insanely loud speaker that was blasting Christmas jams because the good people of Lambeau Field will absolutely NOT pause the holiday magic for some silly interview - Rodgers said the game left "a sour taste in his mouth" and the offense had to "go back to drawing board." 

And for THAT, this game was worth it. 

Keep pissing Rodgers off, he'll keep finding a way to make that #1 seed happen.