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Paulina Gretzky's Golf Swing Is Pretty Goddamn Impressive

And just like that, today is all about how impressive Paulina Gretzky's golf swing is. Forget about Charlie Woods and all the cool things he did today. It means nothing anymore. Paulina PIPNG the ball while out on the course with DJ is the only headline to takeaway from today. And yes, her swing is light years better than mine. I'm not blind. Golf Swing Twitter is maybe the worst band of idiots on all of twitter.com so I'm just insulting my own swing before they swoop in and hashtag roast me. Paulina Gretzky has a better swing than me and I'm more than okay with that. No excuses but I'd probably have a decent-looking swing too if I watched Dustin Johnson play golf all the time. Paulina can truly do it all.