Last Night Carter Capps Threw The Hardest Perceived Pitch In Baseball This Year... Wonder How That Happened?




(Source)For those who haven’t become familiar with some of the fascinating revelations offered by Major League Baseball’s Statcast, Xander Bogaerts’s game-winning hit off of Carter Capps in Tuesday’s Red Sox-Marlins game presents a good opportunity to do so. Ian Browne of details that Capps’ 99 mph fastball had a perceived velocity (based on the pitcher’s release point and proximity to the plate when he hopped to the front of the mound) of 105.55 mph – the highest mark in the majors all year.




So his pitch gains 6 MPH based on perceived velocity? And that’s based on release point and proximity to the plate? Gee, wonder what could be causing that





Think maybe it’s that he jumps at the fucking plate every pitch and delivers the ball from a closer distance than everyone in baseball? Perhaps it’s because he skips to the plate every pitch and throws it from the ladies tees? I don’t know, I’m just spit balling here. All I know is that if Carter Capps pitches come in looking like they’re moving faster than Aroldis Chapman pitches then something is probably off.