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The Clippers Are Now The Desperate Boyfriend That Can't Let Go, Trying To Woo DeAndre Jordan Back To LA

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Be more pathetic Doc, Jesus Christ. This is like a hot chick turning you down and then spending the next week calling and texting her like a sad sack. What made you change your mind? What made you think that letting DeAndre Jordan walk to Dallas was a bad idea? Was it the fact that you have no bench? The fact that DJ is 26 years old and just hitting his prime? That Big Baby Davis is now your starting Center? Yes the fat 6’9” 30 year old. Or was it that Chris Paul has seemingly pissed off multiple teammates now and is busy riding a Banana Boat in the Bahamas with his “familia” while your roster implodes.


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You can’t botch things as badly as the Clippers have botched things this offseason. I don’t even get what Doc Rivers is doing these days. Bringing in Paul Pierce, fine, that’s a decent decision. But adding Lance Stephenson to a locker room and then subtracting your 3rd best player and one of the NBA’s best rim protectors makes zero sense. JJ Redick just said yesterday that the offseason was an F-. When that happens you know you’ve fucked up. And I want to like the Clippers because I love Ballmer and Blake Griffin, but Doc being a moron and Chris Paul being a dick makes me really hate these guys.




By the way if the reports are true and DeAndre Jordan truly is having second thoughts then the Clippers are absolute morons. He’s basically saying if you did the bare minimum in wooing me I would have stayed but you didn’t so I’m out. Then the Clippers bitched and moaned and crawled back to him to try and win him back. That’s some serious ineptitude in your Front Office right there. If I’m Ballmer I’m absolutely taking a long hard look at Doc Rivers the Team President.


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Love Chandler Parsons coming to the rescue. Master recruiter, Doc and Ballmer have no chance.


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