Old Guy Just Munching On Some Ear Wax At Wimbledon



Grossssssssssssssss.  What the holy hell is going on at Wimbledon these days?  I thought Wimbledon was a sporting event where all of the social elite went to rub elbows with celebrities and talk about the financial institutions they own.  Everything we’ve seen over the course of the last few days make it seem like they let anybody in and let them do just about anything they want.  First we had Miguel Angel Jimenez taking a nap during a match which was fine because he’s MAJ and he does what he wants.  That actually made sense.  But then we had the diehard tennis fan who painted his entire head to look like a tennis ball because he just loves tennis that much. And now this.  Some old guy munching on his own ear wax like it’s strawberries and cream.  Disgusting. The worst part is he didn’t think twice.  Like this is something he does all the time and it’s no big deal.  It is a big deal.  They need to throw him out and then throw him in jail for such disgusting behavior.  Ear wax weirds me the fuck out.  Every time I see some on a q tip I almost puke. I wouldn’t eat ear was if you paid me a million dollars (yes I would but I’d be pissed about it). We can’t have people walking around who think that it’s okay.