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The Other Owners Trying To Sell Their Pieces Of The Washington Football Team Have Threatened To Expose Dan Snyder and "The more serious shit"


Here's the basics: There is an ongoing legal battle between Dan Snyder and the minority owners who are trying to sell their parts. As far as I can tell, Snyder is against the sell, while they cannot wait to get rid of their pieces. Meanwhile, other lawyers are trying to unseal court documents (my knowledge of this comes from the movie Spotlight, so my assumption is any time a document has to be unsealed via lawsuit, it's generally bad news bears). 

Well the first batch was unsealed today and while I don't know the legal mumbo jumbo, this text message sure was interesting!




"You know what I know and what I have never spoken about" is NEVER something you want to read from someone suing you. I have to imagine Dan Snyder pooped his pants right then and there. "It's the more serious shit". YIKES.

And what a humble conclusion. We can do this clean or we can do this messy, your move bucko.

I cannot imagine these texts coming out and the "more serious shit" staying under wraps forever. Is it going to be curtains for Dan? It's possible. Things seems to only be heating up, lord knows how poorly this could go. I'm expecting carnage. 

Tick tock, little Dan Dan, tick tock.