The Guy Claiming To Be The Reason Kawhi Joined The Clippers Leaked An Alleged Voicemail From Jerry West Talking Shit About The Lakers

[TMZ] - TMZ Sports has obtained the voicemail -- in which a man who sounds like West says, "Hey there, this is Jerry calling. I really want to thank you a lot for trying to help. I heard this morning that everyone over in the Lakers camp thinks they're gonna get him."

"I just find it hard to believe that he would want to go to that sh*t show where he would not even be ... wouldn't even get his name in the paper and he wouldn't be the face of the franchise that's for sure."

"He might be the best player on the team, but hope things are well and again, I really really appreciate everything you've done."

Oh hell yeah, I'm now fully addicted to this story. This guy - Johnny Wilkes - is the one suing Jerry West for $2.5 million claiming he's the reason Kawhi joined the Clippers. 

This has now blown up into a full on NBA investigation into how the Clippers got Kawhi: 

Naturally, Kawhi stood with his team. He just called Johnny Wilkes a money grab and that it's common in the area. Don't hate that spinzone. Never would have guessed Kawhi to be this loyal. Would have assumed he'd say absolutely nothing. 

And sure that's important. But I'm here for leaked voicemails. That's the good stuff. That's especially true when you consider it's JERRY FUCKING WEST. Yes, he works for the Clippers, but he's one of the greatest Lakers of all time. He's part of the history of the Lakers. Now you got him talking shit about them? Yes. I don't care how annoying the off the court stuff is with the NBA, it's stories like this that make it all worth it. 

He's not even wrong. The Lakers have LeBron. He's going to dominate every single headline because he wants to dominate every single headline. He doesn't care. Kawhi gets to be the face of the franchise with the Clippers. Shit, you could argue he's the best player the franchise has ever had. But the thought of Jerry West calling Johnny Wilkes to talk shit about the Lakers is exactly what I needed on a Friday. I hope Wilkes leaks every exchange. I want to know the true, full details of this signing and not an NBA investigation. Give me the uncensored talk like this. 

Can we all take guesses on LeBron's response to this? You know he's going to. There's going to be some cryptic Instagram story or post where he talks about worrying about himself and embracing year 17 or some bullshit. That or he'll lip sync a rap song talking about how people are out to get him. You know it's coming.