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DJ Unleashes The Sickest Beat Drop Of All Time


A+ execution. A+. The crowd was all hopped up on molly ready to go crazy at the beat drop but the DJ wasn’t having any of it. He would rather get a good laugh for himself and disappoint thousands of people than be a robot and do what everyone expected. That’s a great way to go through life. Sometimes you just have to make yourself laugh. If you go through life as a robot you’re not living. And plus, that was a great switch. It was awesome. More DJs should do shit like that. Make the crowd pay attention. Make them earn the drop. This crowd earned it. They had a great attitude about the troll job. I hope that becomes a normal thing. How many times can people into that music listen to the same beat over and over and over again until it gets old? DJs keeping their crowds on their toes will keep the EDM alive. Give that DJ a raise. )So he can buy a new MacBook so he can hit play even harder.)