This Music Video Of An Egyptian Chick Belly Dancing With Her Cleavage Out Got Her A Year In Jail

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Daily Mail – An Egyptian belly dancer has been jailed for a year for posting a raunchy music video in which she sings about enjoying being groped on the bus.

Reda el-Fouly was arrested and charged with ‘inciting debauchery’ after her video called Sib Eddi – or ‘Hands Off’ – was uploaded to YouTube, went viral and was viewed more than 1million times.

Despite claiming it was a spoof aimed at mocking overly-sexual celebrities, prosecutors said it ‘disrupted morality’.

Her boyfriend and the director of the video, Wael Elsedeki, has fled Egypt but was sentenced to one year jail in absentia.
She also repeatedly shakes her breasts at the camera in close-up, while another low-angle shot shows a glimpse up her skirt.

Before her arrest the lyrics also drew criticism, as they tell the story of a woman being sexually harassed on a bus, but apparently enjoying the abuse.

However, Elsedeki has claimed that the video is actually a social experiment to see how long a raunchy music video takes to spread across the internet, the International Business Times previously reported.


I know I’m not treading new ground by reminding you that, yes, your life here is a million times better than somewhere in Egypt but here’s a pretty great reminder. Not only because this chick got arrested and put in jail just for having some tits out and upskirts popping off but because this is what a video going insanely viral in Egypt looks like. Egyptian smut bloggers just creaming themselves at the pageviews coming from posting it on their sites between pictures of tricked out camels and fights at the fruit stand. And it’s not that she’s bad looking or anything — she’s a little thick but I kind of dig the look, plus the bigger the hoops etc etc — but this is definitely not something a normal guy should see and be like “WHOA, MY MORALITY IS THROBBING RIGHT NOW.” Be grateful we live in a nation where girls regularly do way worse and get handsomely rewarded for it instead of punished.


At the same time, it’s Egypt and if women are getting jailed for this, that’s probably not the best climate to be doing boners in. Like the guys just aren’t seeing anything hot at all in their lives so seeing this video must be like a life preserver from the Internet. Think about how you felt growing up when you finally got a naked Photoshopped picture of a celebrity to load pixel by pixel on your dial-up modem; that’s how these dudes are feeling every single day, repression on top of repression to the point where a video like this probably made them drop cumsies all over the place. I can only think Cleopatra is rolling over in her sarcophagus thinking about how far her people have fallen.