Why Did The Cubs Sweep The Cardinals Yesterday? Because Henry Rowengartner Was In The House Duh

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Also because the Cubs are better at baseball, but mostly because Henry Rowengartner was in attendance for Game 2. I guess he has a band now? They played in Wrigleyville after the game but to be quite honest he’s still Henry Rowengartner to me. Maybe a little Kevin from American Pie but mostly Henry with his hot mom, laser rocket arm, and stupid friends that don’t realize when you make it big you don’t cock block your boy every chance you get. Top 10 sports movie of all time. I have no way of backing that up definitively and it’s just an opinion but top 10 sports movie of all time. I think I saw it a dozen times in theaters when it first came out.




I heat up the ice cubes. It’s the best of both worlds.






Nothing worse than the guest singer acting like he’s at the opera and singing take me out to the ballgame in a way too serious tone. Especially when he says take me out to the field instead of crowd, the song has like 7 words, come on Henry, 1 time.