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Barstool Predictions For 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Finale

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The long anticipated season 2 of Mandalorian is sadly coming to a close on Friday. 

It's been eight weeks of Star Wars porn in my opinion with new characters, planets, old characters returning, fan-favorites showing up for the first time in live action, and more. Heading into Friday we're faced with our biggest challenge yet - even more so than the finale of Season 1. 

Baby Yoda (Grogu) is in the hands of the dreaded Moff Gideon. Mando turned Gideon's words from chapter 7 of season 1 back on him letting him know that he is coming for him with a vengeance to get his precious buddy back safely. 

Now we wait in great nervousness and anxiety to see how it'll play out in the closing of this wild, action-packed second season. Jeff D. Lowe, Robbie, and Kenjac have had us covered with full recaps and analysis following each episode so catch up there if you haven't. 

There's so many possibilities and questions to be answered. Is Grogu safe? Will Mando and his crew of Boba Fett, Cara Dune, and Fennec Shand get him back from Gideon? Will there be a duel between Mando and Gideon? What about the Jedi Grogu was trying to communicate with? Who will that be? Could we see another familiar face returning in that role? 

I can't wait. So I figured I'd see what the other Star Wars / Mando fans in the office think will happen in Chapter 16 of The Mandalorian.

Jeff D. Lowe

"I wanna say Ezra Bridger (shows up), but I also think something very negative happens. I'm not convinced Baby Yoda ends up in the hands of Mando when the season wraps. I think we will get an Empire Strikes Back style ending. Hope, but amidst despair."

Shit. Season 3 of Mando isn't supposed to be debuting until Christmas of 2021. That'll be a loooong year of waiting to figure out what happens to sweet Baby Yo. 


"1. Baby Yoda does not get rescued, we get left on a cliffhanger

2. Mando with beskar spear vs gideon dark saber fight 

3. Dark troopers vs the rest of the crew -Mando 

4. A Jedi responding to Yoda’s beacon saves Mando and the gang from defeat at the last second (possibly Ezra Bridger)

5. One key member of the gang is gonna die. I think Karga"

Seeing the Dark Saber in live action duel would be wild. Ezra Bridger definitely makes the most sense as to which Jedi will show up. Sorry for those of you haven't watched Rebels. But we know he's out there somewhere, and we've already had the appearance of Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars and Rebels) and the name drop of Grand Admiral Thrawn in this season so another crossover into live action from those series in Bridger would add up. 

If Kenjac's prediction of Carga going down then add another bummer of a death to Carl Weather's resume. Apollo Creed, Chubbs Pederson, and now possibly Greef Karga. 

Robbie Fox

"Longshot…purple lightsaber ignites. Mace is alive. I think Ezra is the most likely personally, though…I hate to say it, Joey. But I do not think we are getting Grogu back. Mark me down for an Empire Strikes Back ending."

We have become reeeeally accustomed in the galaxy far, far away now to not give up hope on anyone actually being dead. Darth Maul, Boba Fett, fuckin' Palpatine in a way. Like Luke said and was teased in the promos for "Rise of Skywalker" "No one's ever really gone…" We saw Mace Windu fly out of Palpatine's office window on Coruscant 15 years ago, but how is that any different than Boba Fett being gobbled up by the Sarlacc? Or Maul getting chopped in half and falling down a shaft?

If Mace Windu somehow survived that fall and escaped Order 66….then why not? Show up Attack of The Clones style on Geonosis and ignite the purple saber across Gideon's neck. "Party's over". Wow. 


"Something goes wrong with Mando, Boba, and maybe even Bo Katan that causes the Baby Gro rescue attempt to fail. Big time Empire Strikes Back ending vibes as we wait on a massive cliffhanger for next season"

What will that something be? It does seem like they are going to be going up against an entire Star Destroyer full of imperial sympathizers with Moff Gideon. Perhaps just outnumbered? One of them dies? Gideon escapes again with Baby Gro?

The consensus seems to be Ezra making an appearance and Baby Yoda not being saved. Here's what I think will be along the lines of what we see: 

-More backstory on Din Djarin (Mando) and who he is / were he came from (Moff Gideon had the whole backstory on Cara Dune / Karga in the finale of season 1

-I think Bo Katan and her crew will show back up. Mando helped them with a mission, I think they'll be recruited for this one. 

-We'll go to Kamino. Gideon and Dr. Pershing were obviously having a little trouble with their cloning experiments we saw early in season two on. Another way to tie-in Clone Wars ties by heading to the home of the creation of the clone army itself. 

-There will be at least a mention of…Luke Skywalker. I really think we're heading there at some point. I don't think we'll see his face or him in action in this episode, but I'm going out on a limb and saying they'll mention the name / maybe tease him at the end of the episode Force Awakens style almost. 

Can't wait. This Is The Way.