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Charlie And Tiger Woods Are Looking Smooth As Hell On The Range At The Father-Son Challenge

My oh my what a pair of marvelous looking golf swings from Chuck and the Cat. Supposedly Charlie Woods is the youngest competitor in the history of this event but you wouldn't know it from that golf swing. Pure and smooth as hell, just like his old man.

The funniest and wildest thing to me is how similar their mannerisms are. It's those little subtleties that everybody picks up from their fathers that you don't even realize until somebody points it out. For us mere mortals it's usually a facial expression when we're deep in contemplation or in the case of my golf game, a touch of an Irish temper when you hit a wayward shot. For Charlie Woods, it's flushing an iron, twirling the ever living hell out the club, and stepping back as he peers at his ball descend directly on top of its target. 

It's a striking resemblance when you see it side by side. And maybe in due time, it'll be lifting major championship trophies and sliding on jackets on a regular basis. I know much has been made of the pressure put on Charlie and whether this is too much too fast for the kid, but it's hard not to get excited when you see videos like this.