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When It Rains, It Pours: Daniel Jones Apparently Suffered A Sprained Ankle Vs. The Cardinals To Go Along With His Hamstring Injury And His Status For Sunday's Browns Game Is Now In Jeopardy

So I guess no longer having an indestructible machine at QB1 is a bad thing, huh? I appreciate Danny gutting things out on Sunday but a quarterback who changes the offense with his ability to run having not one but two leg injuries is not great! I guess the bright side to all this is at least we get to stare at videos of our Daniel Jones half-running from 50 yards away again!

If you guys really want to spinzone all of this, I guess we can say at least Daniel Jones' hamstring didn't rip clean off the bone last week, which is a positive considering the way he was limping by the 4th quarter. Plus Danny's backup not only just beat an undersized quarterback that loves rolling out when he passes two weeks ago but also used to play for this week's opponent. You know what that means, right? Sunday is not only a primetime Giants game that was flexed as well as the #FreddieKitchensRevengeGame but also the... 


Pray for Cleveland*. 

*And Danny's ankle. And Danny's hamstring. And any Giants quarterback playing if the O-Line blocks Myles Garrett as poorly as they blocked Haason Reddick last week, which could result in Garrett actually killing someone