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Donovan McNabb Crushes The Shit-Eating-Grin Look In His Second DUI Mugshot


DSFormer NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb was arrested for DUI just before midnight on June 28 after rear-ending another car at a stoplight in Gilbert, Ariz., according to a statement from the Gilbert Police Department.

The Gilbert PD did not specify whether McNabb took a field sobriety test or what his BAC was, but he was taken to a holding facility before being cited and released.

Here is the entire statement from the Gilbert police:

On 06/28/2015 at approximately 2335 hours, officers responded to a non-injury collision involving two vehicles which occurred just west of the intersection at E Chandler Heights Rd and S Higley Rd in Gilbert, AZ. Subsequent investigation revealed Donovan McNabb (11/25/76) was impaired by alcohol and collided in a rear-end fashion with another vehicle which was stopped at a red traffic signal. Donovan was arrested for DUI at 2358 hours and transported to the Gilbert/Chandler Unified Holding Facility for processing, after which, he was cited and released.

Chunky Soup looking good! Even money he’s doing a guitar riff with his hands. It’s nice to see the Eagles all-time leading passer is still taking happy pictures in his retirement. If I didn’t know any better I’d think this was taken an hour after losing the Super Bowl. At least he’s got a reason to puke now. It’s a shame that stopped car wasn’t a WR or else he’d launch his vehicle into the dirt 5 feet short. Booms all around.

Seriously though, what the hell, Donovan? Did you not throw out your stats to the officer? The BAC wasn’t released but two confirmed DUI’s in such a short amount of time isn’t a good look. T.O. even threw in his two cents about McNabb’s DUI saying he needs help and “Next time, call Uber.” Ouch.