The Legend of "The King of the Beach" Grows By The Minute


So anybody who knows anything about Nantucket knows there is a huge Island softball game every Monday with all the bartenders on the island. It’s been going on for 20 years or something crazy like that. Well yesterday I got the invite to play in it and play in it I did. This video was from my first AB. I had no idea it was being taped. First swing at the game. Knocked it straight off the moon. Poor Hank probably started convulsing on the floor of the office and didn’t even know why. The Toy Cannon doing what the Toy Cannon does. Yeah I know the video ain’t great but it was just a dude shooting it for the hell of it. Nobody knew I was gonna add a new planet to the solar system. Needless to say my team (the old guys) went on to win the game and I earned MVP honors. It’s insane. I mean I am literally getting stopped by guys in the street who I think are Stoolies and they’re just like “Hey are you the guy who caused that solar eclipse yesterday” Again I’m not blogging this to brag. I’m blogging it because if NASA reports a UFO yesterday around 1pm I want everybody to relax and know it was just Pageviews at the plate.


PS – Alot of people are asking why the pitcher ran home like he was happy when I went yard.   The answer is because the pitcher is on my team.   Each team pitches to each other.

Double PS –  I think somewhere Mr. Perfect is smiling from heaven…