Naked Lady Strolls Into South Jersey Wawa And Nobody Gives A Single Hoot


NBC10 – The workweek after the long holiday weekend began in a strange way for some people stopping by a South Jersey Wawa Monday morning after a naked woman walked into the busy convenience store. The incident happened around 6 a.m. at the store along U. S. 130 in Delran. NBC10 cameras covering Delran native Carli Lloyd’s Women’s World Cup hat-trick accidentally captured the unidentified women — with no clothing at all — walk into the Wawa. About two minutes later, the woman left the Wawa — apparently empty-handed — got into a car packed with clothes and belongings and drove off. All the while, some customers went about their mornings, grabbing coffees and other items — pulling up and leaving the store. One man watched the woman enter the store before turning away, getting into his car and driving off as if nothing had happened. It’s unclear what happened inside the store, but employees asked the woman to leave and threatened to call police, according to witnesses.

Hoagiefest is off the tits this year. Eat it, Sheetz fans. This kind of stuff is so casual at our Jersey Wawa’s even big boy did only one quick double take before going on his merry way. I’d say the biggest violation here is she didn’t buy anything inside. You do NOT go into the world’s greatest convenience store and walk away empty handed. In fact, it’s borderline impossible. She probably stuffed a Shorti in her cooch without anyone even noticing. The perfect crime.

Wait, the cops weren’t even called? I guess Wawa’s the land of the lawless until you accidentally start one fire. Let’s see this naked bitch play I Almost Got Away With It for 7+ years.