NFL Power Cheahkings - Week 15 Edition

The Chiefs were down 10-0 and in a blink we're up 30-10. They're just on a different level than every other team. Change: n/a

The Bills punched the Steelers in the mouth and have a very clear identity headed into playoff football. Change: +2

The Lions made a game of it on Sunday, but the result was never really in doubt. They have the tiebreaker over the Saints via head-to-head and control their own destiny to the bye. Change: +2

The Taysom Hill-led Saints hit their first bump in the road in an Eagles team that played like the Saints should have. Will Sean Payton dial it down the passing game if Hill is indeed starting this week vs. KC? Change: -1

It was almost a week ago, but the Rams absolutely dominated a hot Patriots team. They're 1st place in the NFC West and a real threat in the NFC with the emergence of RB Cam Akers. Change: +2

Two losses in a row for the previously 11-0 Steelers and now they have some warts. What's this team's offensive identity? Right now they're a passing team that has problems catching passes. Change: -4

Speaking of identities, the Colts definitely have one. They can pound the rock with rookie Jonathan Taylor and play good, hard defense. Change: +1

I know the they put the smackdown on the Colts a few weeks ago, but the Colts have won four of their last five and are a hotter team right now. Tennessee's lack of pass rush is a bit of a concern down the stretch. Change: +1

Even with the heartbreaking loss on Monday night, this is a team to watch out for. They can play with anybody. Change: -3

They beat the Jets 40-3 just like they should have. Change: n/a

This is a team that's finding their sea legs. A thrilling win over the Browns on Monday night has them right on the edge of the playoffs in the AFC. Change: +3

Tom Brady & co. got back on the winning track after a much needed bye. Two games vs. the Falcons and a game in Detroit await for a team looking to finish strong. Change: n/a

Alex Smith's health is a concern but appears to be not serious. The defense with five first rounders on the defensive line is playing up to expectations and they control their own destiny. Change: +3

Nobody expected them to beat the Chiefs, but they did put up a fight. Their secondary is so talented and actually were able to pick off the great Patrick Mahomes three times. Change: -3

This team was taking a nosedive but then surprised a lot of people with a dominant win over the Giants. The defense was a question going into the year but now coming off an eight sack performance. Change: +4

They played well in Tampa and doubled up the Bucs time of possession but they couldn't capitalize. Their Kicker Dan Bailey who was 0/3 on FG and 0/1 on extra points certainly didn't help. Change: -3

Their defense has been solid most of the season and now the offense is rallying around Jalen Hurts. Big win over a team who held the number one spot in the conference before Sunday. Change: +7

This team was super hot, but looked clunky in Daniel Jones return as he may not have been at full health. Big spot to rebound Sunday night vs. a Cleveland squad looking to rebound as well. Change: -3

It's about time! The Bears got to have their first Victory Monday since October 19th! Change: +9

They just have not been able to fully recover from their last minute loss to the Chiefs. Their last three games: blown out by the Falcons, barely beat the Jets, then smacked by the Colts. Change: -2

The spiraling Raiders are still a spot ahead of the division rival Broncos who are a tough team to figure out. The final three games will be a big time evaluation period for the Drew Lock experiment. Change: +4

The 49ers are a feisty team who have a ton of injuries, now losing Deebo Samuel for what looks like the rest of the year. I still wouldn't want to play them coming up. Change: -1

The streaking Pats had won four of five but then got mollywhopped on Thursday night in LA. Cam Newton still only have five passing touchdowns (yes, I'm aware he has 11 rushing scores) and that may not a winning formula in 2020. Change: -6

The Chargers have legit firepower with Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen. Austin Ekeler's return has been a big help and they're a frisky team. Change: +5

The Panthers are going through growing pains and fell in the Super Bowl L rematch. Will they keep Christian McCaffrey out the rest of the year? Change: -2

Deshaun Watson got outdueled by Mitchell Trubisky. Bill O'Brien did not give him a talented enough roster, especially on the outside where they dealt away Deandre Hopkins for a loaf of sourdough bread. Change: -4

Andy Dalton got his revenge on the Bengals, but that ain't saying much as far as the hierarchy amongst NFL teams. Change: n/a

The Falcons just cannot close games. They sorely missed Julio Jones vs. the Chargers on Sunday, but this issue hasn't been fixed since their Super Bowl loss. Change: -8

This team stinks and now Matthew Stafford's status is potentially a question. Change: -3

Brandon Allen is better than you think, but this team still is broken without Joe Burrow. Change: n/a

The Jags are going back to Trysta Krick's Fantasy QB1, Gardner Minshew! That at least makes them a bit more exciting. Change: n/a

They just lost 40-3, pretty standard for the 32nd ranked team in the NFL. Change: n/a