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Florida Golfer Is Incredibly Lucky This Wasn't The Same Alligator That Took Chubb's Hand

It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekend for alligators in the state of Florida. First up you had the Florida Gators getting upset by LSU after Marco Wilson threw a cleat and gave the Tigers the chance to kick the game winning field goal.

Next up you have this golf course gator running away like a baby back bitch after this golfer's ball landed on his tail. I mean at least Mr. Larson made Shooter McGavin hit the ball off hit foot. This alligator wouldn't even make this fella play the ball as it lies. And then runs away immediately after he gets his ball back? You really have to question to toughness of this gator. You have to question his compete level. I mean maybe he had just got done watching the video of what happened to the alligator that took Chubbs' hand and he didn't want any of that smoke. 

But a real gator would want to go out there and get some revenge on the golf course. This gator probably orders fruity drinks at the bar and buys bath bombs. 

Candy ass. 

P.S. - I'll never see a video of an alligator on a golf course and not make a million Happy Gilmore references. So quit asking.