This Sitdown Between Gary Payton And Shawn Kemp Is Going To Be Phenomenal

Oh hell yes. You could not sign me up fast enough for this sitdown. Everyone knows nostalgia plays and nothing is more nostalgic than the 90s Sonics and their two best players. The Glove and The Reign Man are wildly entertaining on their own, but you put them together? I'm ready to declare that a "must watch" situation. You're telling me I get an hour of this? Maybe 2020 isn't so bad. OK, it's definitely been a bullshit year but at least this is a positive. 

Those Sonics teams were so awesome for anyone who liked basketball in the 90s. It's a damn shame they never won a title and an even bigger shame there isn't currently a team in Seattle. The NBA has to get their shit together about that one. For younger stoolies out there, watch this show. Witness how devastating these two men were on both ends. Remember, Gary Payton put the clamps on MJ in that Finals, that's just a fact.

Every time NBATV has done one of these specials, it's always delivered. Remember the Isiah Thomas and Magic one? That was incredible. You give me two legends of the past and put them in the same room to talk basketball, I'm not sure it gets much better than that. In this case when the legends are wildly entertaining it's only going to produce greatness.

Luckily we only have to wait until tomorrow night. That's a relief. It would have been brutal if they promoted this and it didn't air for like two months. I'm glad I now have my plans for Wednesday night. 


But seriously, Seattle needs an NBA team. Figure it the fuck out NBA.