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Tayshia Adams Has The Best Boobs On TV

The Bachelorette is nearing an end (sadly, but also finally) and there is not a duo on this earth who have had a stronger journey on television than our star, Tayshia Adams' bosoms. "America's Boobs," I've been calling them. Is this creepy? No, it's no longer creepy now that the video above ^^^ exists, and came out during Tayshia's week #1. She's just another down ass bitch who's psyched up that her tits look great on TV. Be cool tho, don't make it weird. A comparison I can make to guys - I know there is often discussion of "good dick days" versus "bad dick days." Boobs are the same, Sometimes they are on and POPPIN, other times you're not feeling it. When I saw this video, I knew I would love Tayshia forever. She's just a normal, cool person who's fine with being sexy without worrying about the "burden" of being overly-sexualized. She's just hot, and she's happy to look hot. 

On last night's part 1 of 2 Bachelorette helpings we get this week, our girl finally started trimming the fat, and in THAT DRESS. A true heart-stomping dress if I ever saw one. She got rid of Blake (after he got a boner next to her during a chakra exercise,) Riley (after a heartfelt, tearful goodbye) and the enemies no one asked for, Bennett and Noah. Zac, Brendan, Ivan and Ben are moving on to hometowns tonight, where Tayshia will meet their families. It's unclear about how this will go with travel/etc, but we'll just have to wait and see.

After the first hour of heartbreak, the second hour began one of my FAVORITE parts of the season, the Men Tall All. All the guys get into a room and bitch at each other, trying to outshine everyone else so they can get a spot on Bachelor in Paradise (whenever that comes back.) The MTA was fine, Bennett and Noah yelled at each other, Ed existed in a seat, a bunch of the guys were cool. Yosef came back to prove that he's the true, world-class asshole we all thought he was. The only thing that could steer our attention away from this juicy drama was Tayshia walking into the room. 

She's just such a gem. She DOES NOT QUIT. It's been a long time since I've seen a Bachelor/Bachelorette lead knock it out of the park with such consistency. Bravo, girl. Continue to look PHENOMENAL at all times. I have a feeling it'll be very easy.

Here's last week's #CuttingStems, catch up before tonight's hometowns episode! Cutting Stems will be BACK at 10:05ish tonight.

And yes, a few more photos of America's Boobs.