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Sean McVay's Fiancée Asked Him If He Wanted To Do Anything Else Besides Watch RedZone On His Day Off Yesterday - His Response? "Nope"

Peter Barreras. Shutterstock Images.

For athletes and coaches of any sport, time off usually means getting away from said sport and taking your mind off things. For an NFL head coach who is constantly thinking about game plans, personnel matchups, roster moves, etc. that may involve a trip to the golf course, maybe binge a TV show, or enjoying a nice walk. After a dominant win on Thursday night over the Patriots, Sean McVay and the Rams had a nice relaxing off day on Sunday. How'd he spend it? Like the rest of us, watching RedZone on the couch until there was no more football left to watch. 

Obviously with the pandemic being a thing, options are limited. That being sad when your beautiful fiancée Veronika asks if you want do anything else with her and you hit her back with a "nope" that just shows the dedication to being a football guy. Couch. TV. RedZone. Twelve hours of uninterrupted commercial free football. Us commoners only have access to the seven hour version, but not McVay, he's got the special deal. No better way to enjoy a lazy Sunday and coach knows it. One of us right? Except for the fact that he's a multi million dollar wizard head coach, good looking, engaged to a Ukrainian model, yeah I'd say we're all basically twins. 

I assume his fiancée sat there with him taking it all in. Maybe he had her on the white board writing down certain looks he was seeing.  Guy had a front row seat to Anthony Lynn's coaching clinic on what not to do in any situation, the Jets train wreck in advance of their matchup this upcoming week, and Rodgers tearing up the Lions, who he may see down the road in January. McVay watching RedZone with his memory seems like cheating. This dude now knows everything that's going to happen moving forward. 

You can tell this man wants that Lombardi trophy. Imagine saying no to do anything with this woman? 

Some men just have it all.