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Call Me Crazy But JuJu Should Probably Definitely Stop Dancing On Other Team's Logos

There's a lot wrong with the 11-2 Steelers right now. 

Lost two straight games. Can't catch the ball. Can't get any flow on offense. The defense is banged up. The quarterback is for some reason talking about "hanging it up". It's not great right now, and this definitely isn't a part of any of those things I just listed, but it's a simple fix. 

JuJu, ya gotta stop dancing on opponents logos before the game and posting it on TikTok. It's just becoming too much of a "rally cry" for opposing teams, and you set yourself up for failure all over social media. 

I'm not a big "yell at the clouds" or "THESE FOOTBALL PLAYERS NEED TO SPEND MORE TIME ON FOOTBALL AND NOT HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE THE REST OF US WITH JOBS" guy. I get it. They're stars, and JuJu especially has elevated his star status tenfold because of his use of digital media. I mean, any time you're just known around the world (because of his video game play and such) as just your first name, you're doing something right. 

And it hasn't even really affected his play. He knows situationally, like last night after he scored to bring the deficit within 10 in the 4th quarter, that right then and there was not the time or place to do some TikTok celebration. 

Good on him. He's bounced back for the most part and been the most reliable receiver throughout 2020 for the Steelers. But it's really not hard in my opinion to not do TikTok dances on the opposing team's logo with them warming up watching you do it. Especially against the fucking Bills. The Cowboys this year is one thing, but the Bills are a damn good team. The last thing a struggling Steelers team and offense needs is even more rally cry motivation for team's to shut you up. 

Win the game. Dance after. Not the other way around.