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Someone Is Apparently Suing Jerry West For $2.5 Million Because He Claims He's The Reason Kawhi Signed With The Clippers

[TMZ] - It's all in a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports ... in which Johnny Wilkes spells out how he agreed to work with West for a small fortune in exchange for help getting Kawhi in a Clippers uni. Wilkes says back on April 10, 2019, he met West at Staples Center and informed the Clippers' executive board member he had close ties to Kawhi and Kawhi's uncle, Dennis Robertson.

Wilkes says he told West and the Clippers they needed to get Paul George first and foremost to hook Kawhi. He then says he helped connect West with Kawhi's uncle.

Wilkes also claims in the suit he gave West a specific gameplan for how the Clippers should pitch Kawhi during an important meeting with West, Leonard, Doc Rivers and others in July 2019.

"This information was vital," Wilkes said in the lawsuit, "because it was the exact information Kawhi Leonard wanted to hear at the time in order to effectuate his signing with the Clippers."

If we're being honest, paying someone $2.5 million to all but guarantee you're landing Kawhi Leonard is well worth it. Hell, that's chump change in the grand scheme of things. Jerry West has a net worth of $55 million and that's the poorest guy in the room. You can spare $2.5 million to land a guy that will make you contend for titles.

Unfortunately it also brought you this: 

How hard could it have been to come up with the list of demands for Kawhi? Feel like I could have done that for half the price.  Find out who he wants to play with. Oh okay, he likes Paul George for whatever reason. Tell Steve Ballmer to make the move and trade the future for him. Remember, there was this story that had the list of demands that pissed off all the role players on the team: 

Shit, I'm starting to think this Johnny Wilkes guy is the smartest businessman out there. Come up with a list of outrageous demands that Kawhi would want to have knowing full well Steve Ballmer is crazy enough to say yes. Then ask for $2.5 million because the Clippers are going to make way more than that off of Kawhi alone. Gotta admit, I'm starting to respect how much of an asshole Kawhi secretly is. Forced his way out of San Antonio. Signed with the Clippers and in one year had a bunch of stories of his list of demands. All while just floating under the radar of being truly hated by NBA fans. It's pretty damn impressive that he's able to do that.