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Mayor Nutter Performing "Rapper's Delight" With The Roots Gives Him Infinite Street Cred

Over the weekend, The Roots played at the Wawa Welcome America festival in Philly and were joined by the newest and hottest rapper in the game; Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. Once a previously unknown dorky black guy, Lil’ Nutter hopped up on the stage with The Roots and brought down the house while performing Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”. Sure, it may have started off a bit slow but once Lil’ Nutter got in the swing of things, homie was spitting nothing but that hot fire. I don’t care what you think your city has that Philadelphia doesn’t, because our Mayor is about to drop the hottest mixtape of all time. He crushed that performance and I don’t know if anyone’s street cred has ever been higher. Hell, homie may need to come back in a couple of months to headline Made In America.

We out ‘dis bitch