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Eagles Beat The #1 NFC Seed Saints! Next Stop, Super Bowl! Sure! Why Not!

WOW!  What a win!  Credit to the Saints for not even thinking about showing up to play today!  Like, at all!  A total, 100% mail in job by Sean Payton and his toy boy Taysom Hill expecting to just roll over the Eagles like the Saints have essentially done every single time they've played since 2006!  

Well, at least they didn't even try in the first half and for some reason in the 4th quarter with some SERIOUS old school laid back Andy Reid clock management.  Zero sense of urgency.  Credit to the Eagles for actually playing like a damn football team for once. Hurts looked good.  I mean, it doesn't take much to look better than what was out there before.  He was actually decisive AND threw the ball away as a Philadelphia Eagles QB.  Amazing!  But for real, good for him for stepping it up for the W and the Eagles overall for coming out to play. 

But is this...good?  Do you actually want the Eagles to run the table, somehow win the division, and attempt to make something happen against clearly better teams?  Or you want them to blow shit up and get better from the ground up?  Cause do I have good news for you...NEITHER is going to happen!  Boy oh boy do I hate being right all the time...

Pay no attention to Hurts taking over for a QB the Eagles are stuck with for a billion dollars and Alshon Jeffrey making basically the same money this year as DeAndre Hopkins... 

SuPer BoWL iS bAck oN!

In reality, we're going to barely miss out on the playoffs this year while getting the worst possible draft pick, keep certain people in charge who have been there for over a decade (who have done absolute DICK without people who know what they're doing like Joe Douglas helping out), and enjoy this upcoming purgatory together.  

Go Birds!