Weber State Player Celebrates An And-1 By CLOBBERING A Ref

Head on a swivel, stripes! Head on a swivel! Listen, I don't know if this ref deserves this or not. Did he call a shitty charge earlier in the game? Might be justified. Either way, celebrating an and-1 by clocking a ref has gotta be a top feeling, especially when you don't get a technical because of it. The dude dropped like a sack of potatoes too. We've seen this before though. Remember Kofi Cockburn last year: 

Just straight up knocking a ref out of the game. Call me crazy but Kofi is HIGH on the list of dudes I'd prefer not to take a punch from. He legit made the game go to two refs. Or the greatest ref punch ever. Carlos Boozer: 

That was a hell of a punch too. Ref went down immediately. That'll show him the next time he thinks about calling a bullshit charge. Speaking of which, this ref should probably be punched for the worst charge call ever: 

Head on a swivel at all times, stripes.