Bears Whoop Texans Ass

What an absolute thorough ass whooping. From start to finish the Bears absolutely cleaned the Texans clock. Mitch, the pass rush, and much more were outstanding. Like I say in the videos it seems like people are starting to give it a glimmer of hope again. More power to you. It sucks to be negative and if you want to be positive then it's certainly your prerogative.

However, I'm not there. That 6 game losing streak is too fresh in my brain. 3 awful primetime ass beatings. A gruesome performance against the Titans. A cock tease of a game against the Saints. An abysmal finish against Detroit. It's all there at the front of the brain for me and this win was not even close to outweigh any of it.

3 weeks left. We'll see what happens. I'll be here watching certainly hoping that I'm wrong.

Bear Down.