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Rasheed Wallace Telling A Story Of Getting Hammered And Missing A Team Flight Is The Most Relatable Content An Athlete Has Ever Shared

There is not one thing more relatable than getting hammered the night before a flight and then struggling to get there. We've all been there before. You wake up in panic, you start rushing then it hits you. You have zero chance to get there. Now, granted this typically doesn't happen to us on a team flight to the Maui Invitational but I digress. We've been in this situation. You set every alarm. You ask people to make sure you're awake. Then you get the text the night before the flight 'hey, wanna grab a couple beers and dinner?' You think it's going to be a lowkey night only for it to turn into copious amounts of buckets of beer and shots. You end up staying out until 1am (remember those days?). You're supposed to be up at 6:30 and there's just not a chance. 

I will say the meanest thing about this is UNC putting Sheed in the middle seat. Imagine that giant stuffed between two people. I don't know if t's funnier to imagine him stuffed between units like Tank and Duggs or two tiny ass people with the window/aisle. All I know is aisle seat is the best seat. It's a debate for years, but give me the aisle. You can throw your leg out into the aisle and get some extra room. You can lean that way. You don't have the pressure of the window being up/down or someone asking you to open the window because Timmy wants to see the clouds. You can just zone out on the aisle. It's a no-brainer decision. 

I'll also argue there's nothing worse than flying hungover. There's a FINE line when it comes to flying. You have to toe it perfectly of buzzed vs hammered and hungover vs just feeling not great. You can't be the person that's sweating out all the alcohol and making barfing sounds the moment the plane hits a bit of turbulence. You can feel terrible, but you gotta keep that shit inside. The same goes for drinking. There's a right amount of termie beers and on plane drinks to have. It all varies on how long your flight is, but you just need that buzz. You can't be the person shit faced. 

PS: Sheed decked out in Chiefs gear is still bizarre to me. The man is from Philly.