RIP Tiny Lister AKA Deebo AKA Zeus

I know 2020 has been a year where the entertainment world has lost legends but there is no denying it lost a person that played the role of bad mamma jamma better than pretty much any person I've ever seen. I know the name Deebo still rings out because I thought Deebo Samuel was a 6'6 super physical receiver just because I pictured Deebo from Friday in football pads whenever he shared the name with the no-neck dude that took a man's bike AND the chain his grandmama gave him. Downright ruthless shit in one of my 10 favorite movies ever. 

Since I was a diehard Hulkamaniac, I saw No Holds Barred in the theaters and was scared shitless of Zeus (both in the movies and the WWF). Still am to be honest. Throw in the heavy seen where he plays a prisoner that saves hundred of lives by throwing a bomb detonator in the Gotham river along with his performance as President Lindberg in The Fifth Element and you have one hell of a memorable career.

RIP Tiny.

People forget that The Joker saying "And here we go" ended with nothing happening because of Tiny Lister's character being a better human than most people would in that situation.

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That was somehow even more 80s than I remember, which I didn't know was possible