Creed Fans Are Mad That The New Movie "Creed" Isnt About The Band - Daily Mail

I’ll be perfectly honest, at the moment, the band Creed still dominates the Creed Power Rankings. Apostles/Nicene had a good run for like thousands of years. Apollo burst on the scene in the 90s. Then Creed the band blew everyone out of the water. Creed Bratton came into the mix and stole some market share. Now its Michael B Jordan’s shot to redefine the Creed Rankings. We’ll see if he can get it done. Personally I think “Creed, Not The Band” would have been a phenomenal movie name.

We also go Donald Trump who is shocked, just SHOCKED, by his campaign backlash for calling Mexican’s rapists, Dude banned for life for passing out on the toilet in a plane for 30 minutes, Zuckerberg says next step for facebook is telepathy, and we’re officially living in the future with the invention of air conditioned shirts