Dude Fired From McDonalds For Putting His Mixtape In Happy Meals - Daily Mail

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One of my favorite fake internet stories of all time. It duped everyone this weekend, and you wanna know why? Because its a great fucking idea. When you’re trying to slang that heat and get your mixtape out there, you gotta hustle. Can’t just pass them out on the street corner. Cant just sell them on the subway platforms. You gotta get it out there to the masses. Billions and Billions served at Mickey D’s. Get in there and reach the young’ns. Tyshaun Granger may not be real but I guarantee there’s someone who’s really gonna try this.

Today we also have a Turkish baby who floated half a mile out to sea on an inflatable crib, White People – so spoiled and privileged we have time to be outraged and offended by a recipe that calls for peas to be in guacamole, the guy who is creating a Confederate flag the size of two football fields, and the Texas man eaten by alligators.