Alabama's Hoops Coach Rips Coach K To Shreds For Saying They Should Stop Playing After Duke Lost Two Games At Home

Oh fuck yes. This is what I needed. I need coaches to come out and start talking against Coach K. Don't let that little rat dictate everything that's said, fight back. No one is arguing that we shouldn't be taking coronavirus serious or worry about the players health. But not one player has come out and said they are struggling mentally or physically here. Also, Coach K is the guy who kept talking about how the NCAA Tournament HAS to happen. 

Maybe, JUST MAYBE, don't contradict yourself like normal. Maybe don't say it immediately following Illinois punking your ass at Cameron. Maybe let a player speak up and it will hit a bit more. So good on Nate Oats. He's not the biggest name in the game - just in his second year at Alabama after a good run at Buffalo. But college sports needs more guys like this. Guys that are willing to call out K for bullshit. 

Oats is right. There's zero chance K spends his postgame press conference talking about how there should be a delay in the sport if they beat Michigan State and/or Illinois. Maybe if they can hit an outside shot. Maybe if they could have taken advantage of the ball screen with Kofi Cockburn, who struggles in high ball screen defense. Maybe if he did the smart thing and tired to play Cockburn off the floor instead of matching up with Illinois right off the bat and immediately getting into a hole. Those are all things he could have done. 

Nate Oats does NOT give a shit either. He was roasting Deandre Ayton a year after Buffalo beat Arizona in the first round of the Tournament

Oh and all this talk from K about the players. Well let's look at the other side. Let's look at a team that's winning:

It almost seems like losing is the main thing here for Duke. Classic coach K. Just classic Coach K. Nobody loves making excuses more than him. He's the best at it. He'll find the smallest excuse and run with it. He had this delay the game planned out, just didn't expect to use it after four games. 

Nate Oats is FLYING up the coaching power ranks right now.