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The Yankees Walkoff Again For America


What a huge win for the Yankees coming off McCann’s walkoff from Friday night. Now we are sitting on top of the AL East with a 2 game lead looking for Nova to wrap up the sweep today.

These 2 wins were thanks to some timely hitting, but overall the offense is still struggling, and could use a boost from Ellsbury coming back. Gardner isn’t going to hit .400 for the rest of the year and we can’t keep trotting out a quadruple A lineup, while expecting to win a championship. If the pitching can continue to straighten itself out, we may be in the market for a middle infield bat in the next couple of weeks.

The key for the next week is going to be not falling into a trap series with Oakland coming to town and burying the Red Sox season in Fenway over the weekend. Both are very doable.

PS: Look for an AL East midseason podcast to come out tomorrow with myself, Carrabis and RDT talking about our teams, hosted by Charlie Wisco.