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The Great Debate Of Our Time: Sleep With The TV On Or Off?

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MJ vs. LeBron? Nope. 

Tom Brady the GOAT? Nah. 

Was it Lee Harvey Oswald or a massive coverup in the JFK assassination? Still nope. 

The great debate of our time, the one we can all relate to most, is quite simple: Sleep with the TV on or TV off? 

It's two very distinctively different crowds. Both sides are completely adamant in their belief. It's likely been ingrained in them since before they could start making their own decisions, and both swear their way is the only way to go. 

The TV on crowd most likely was lucky enough to have a TV in their room growing up. See kids, this was a time before we had the ability to pull up whatever we wanted to have on constantly by having a smart phone or tablet there for us. This was a time when the folks said it's time for bed you were sent to your room, or the room you shared with a sibling, and that was it. The deciding factor was whether your parents decided it would be OK, or maybe they didn't want to get rid of their old TV so they put it in your room, to let you have the ability to maybe stay up a little later by falling asleep to Angels In The Outfield if it meant it made putting their kids to bed just a little bit easier. 

I'm a part of this crowd. Brushing my teeth and having to unfortunately lay down on a school night was soothed by the VCR firing up, having to rewind the same movie you fell asleep to the night before, and the flashes from the screen in an otherwise pitch black room. It helped settle us. Calm us. Take our mind away from the monster that was for sure under our bed or the burglar who 100% was breaking in that night. It comforted us like a bedtime story that was an hour and a half long and one that you actually liked. 

Then came that fateful night that you slept over at your friend's house for one of the first times, and when it came time to roll out the sleeping bag and lay down before Mr. Baker got on your ASS there was….no TV. 

Oh no. 


How will I fall asleep? How do people do this? Your friend is a part of the other crowd - the ones who weren't as fortunate to have a TV in their room. This comes as no mind to them. They're fast asleep within minutes and now you are left alone in the darkness with nothing but creaks from the house and the ice maker in the fridge scaring the shit out of you. These people believe when it's time for sleep, it's time for sleep and that's that. 

No need for sportscenter highlights for the 5th time. It's bedtime. TV time was earlier.

It really becomes a generational thing. Your friends who grew up sleeping without the TV on will likely carry that same belief to their children and will probably take their phones away before bed, too. 

Then you grow up and the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with is…a no sleeping with the TV on person, too. A house divided. A room divided. What's the decision then? Do you split nights? Every Monday-Wednesday-Friday we go no TV, but every Tuesday-Thursday we get TV? Typically the no TV wins out. It's time to be an adult, get over it, and just fall asleep. 

My argument has always been if you can fall asleep without the TV on then you should be able to fall asleep with the TV on, if the volume is down of course, because it's more difficult to fall asleep with nothing going on but darkness and your thoughts alone. 

Guess I need to talk to my therapist more about that one. 

TV on in bed forever.