What Were The Greatest Reality Shows Of The 2000s?

^^It's a GREAT question and one that we answer on today's Out & About with Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez of The Basement Yard Podcast. Here's a clip...

You can listen to the entire episode HERE. If you don't have time to do that, here's the episode breakdown so you can skip around....

(1:01-7:51) - Pat quizzes Kate on the most searched LGBTQ terms of 2020

(7:52-20:51) - Reality star Zachary Goff of HBO's 'The 12 Dates of Christmas' weighs in on his experience as a gay man on a reality dating show

(20:52-1:01:12) - Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez of 'The Basement Yard' podcast stop by to break down and rank ALL of the reality shows of the 2000s 

(1:01:13-01:38:35) - Captain Cons joins the show for a Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap

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