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City Of Seattle Considering Allowing People To Commit Theft As Long As They Intend To Sell Items...Wait, What?

Ah...the tail of two headlines. You read mine and you might say "uhhh WHAT THE FUCK?" and you read the one from the Komo News and you might think "hmm, that might have some merit. I don't want people in jail because they're desperate". I scoffed when twitter came out with that little notification that asked you to read the article before RTing. In this case, probably pretty important. Let's look at the details to see which headline is more accurate

If someone trespasses by pitching a tent on private property or walks out with a handful groceries from the corner market or steals power tools with the intent of reselling them online in order to pay for a basic need like food or rent, the city of Seattle may be OK with that

It would provide an affirmative defense for someone who committed a crime because they need to meet a basic need to survive.

“The defendant would just have to prove that the needs fit within the definition of immediate basic need,” Asha Venkataraman, a member of the council’s Central Staff, told the Public Safety Committee.

“This proposal seems to create too easy of a way for repeated vandalism, trespassing and shoplifting and other misdemeanor crimes that can harm others” he said.

A new element that was not part of the initial discussion last month was an exception that would allow for the reselling of stolen goods to raise money to pay for a basic need.

“If somebody stole a bunch of cell phones and intended to resell them to pay their rent, it would apply to that defense,” Venkatarama said.

I've never been to Seattle. I've always wanted to go. I like the water. I like the mountains. Seattle always seemed like the perfect combination of nature and cosmopolitan lifestyle. In addition to water and mountains, I also have developed a fondness for my own personal property. There's something about paying your hard earned money for an item that makes you attached to it. own it, or something. Not in Seattle though. In Seattle if your ears are cold in the winter someone can legally come up and snatch it off your head if their ears are colder. You like your car? Sorry bud, someone else needs it to live. Go get another one. Have you been waking up at 330am every day building a small coffee shop and bakery and absolutely killing yourself to keep your business alive during covid-19...doesn't matter. Someone needs your hard labor and life saving for free because they're hungry. I can't say that I am surprised by Seattle, the city which let an open rebellion take over a section of their city over the summer with CHOP/CHAZ. Let's see how crime has gone since the city declined to enforce laws...


What fucking planet am I living on. "I needed it" isn't a valid reason to steal something from someone. I don't like the idea of someone being thrown in jail because they pitched a tent by accident on a piece of private property. I want there to be some safety nets in place for those who are struggling to take their place in society. But…they also need to be protections for the people who are actually participating in, funding, and protecting said society. Free reign to just steal whatever you want is how you descend into chaos. The opportunity to own property is a fundamental right. I can't believe a city has elected enough morons to think that a place can survive without you know…any protection for the people who are the economic engine for the entire city. Let's run this experiment and see how it goes.