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Wake Up With Juan Soto Getting Robbed Of Hitting A 500 Foot Homer Because He Hit The Roof In Japan

How pissed are you if you're Juan Soto and you hit this ball? This had a chance to go 500 feet easy if that roof doesn't get in the way. And even the stat nerds can get behind this one, the launch angle on this bad boy? Are you kidding me? And they call him out? Come on it's an MLB - Japan exhibition, knock all the rules out. If that roof isn't there the ball may still be going. You could tell Mattingly wanted to raise hell, but theres no reason to blow your gasket in an exhibition game. The ball still almost went out too, normally when you see a ball hit the roof it just falls straight back down, not this one. Soto hit it so hard that thing bounced like a pinball and shot back out. Gotta be crazy strong to do something like this.